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Save Thousands When You Buy, Sell & Save

Permanently lower your rate and unlock huge savings when you buy and sell with a Veterans United Realty agent and finance with Veterans United Home Loans!

Calculate Your Savings

Lower Rate = Huge Savings

See how a significant drop in your rate can lead to big savings.

Calculate how much you could save:
That adds up to $--- over 30 years! to go towards closing costs.
Extra Savings Alert: You may be eligible for $--- lender credit at closing
Standard Loan:
Estimated Rate: 6.750%
Estimated APR: 7.125%
Monthly Payment: $---
5 Year Savings: $0
10 Year Savings: $0
30 Year Savings: $0
When you use Buy, Sell & Save:
Estimated Rate: 6.250%
Estimated APR: 6.750%
Monthly Payment: $---
5 Year Savings: $-----
10 Year Savings: $-----
30 Year Savings: $-----
* This displayed rate includes ---- discount points ($---)
The scenario above is for illustration purposes only and assumes a 30-year VA Home Purchase Loan. Your total mortgage payment may differ based on a variety of factors, including taxes, insurance, and current market conditions. Talk with your loan team for a personalized payment quote.

How it Works:

  • Buy your new home with Veterans United Home Loans.

    We’ll help you get the most from your preapproval and fast-track your path to closing with a permanent rate reduction.

  • Use a Veterans United Realty agent to sell and buy.

    A lot goes into buying and selling a home. But don’t sweat the big stuff. Our trusted agents work hand-in-hand with you and your financing team to deliver a 5-star experience.

  • Lock in your rate reduction and savings.

    Securing your rate drop can help you afford more home and save you hundreds every month. It also adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your loan.

Your Home. Our Savings.

Get the most from your benefits and budget when you buy with Veterans United Home Loans and a Veterans United Realty agent.

Veterans United
Home Loans
+ Veterans United

Home Loan Amount: Bundle Benefit:
$200,000 $500
$250,000 $625
$300,000 $750
$400,000 $1,000
$500,000 $1,250
$750,000 $1,875

Buy with Confidence

  • Professional and experienced
  • VA and local expertise
  • High-rated by Veteran homebuyers