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Agent Guidelines

Learn what makes a successful Veterans United Realty Agent

Realty Search Solutions Network is focused on creating quality relationships between experienced real estate Agents, VA specialized Loan Officers and our clients. To ensure our clients receive an unparalleled client experience we have outlined the expectations of our Network Agents.

Realty Search Solutions Network considers you our partner in the field. We refer our clients to you based upon your expertise and willingness to go above and beyond. We look forward to working together as a team for our clients.

General Expectations

  • Maintain an Active referral agreement covering transactions
  • Maintain regular contact with all clients and serve as the primary point of contact
  • Use your Realty Coordinator as a resource to keep all lines of communication open
  • Reinforce existing relationships with the client's Loan Officer
  • Work diligently in pursuit of getting the client under contract on a home

Initial Client Contact

  • Call to introduce yourself to the client within two hours of referral receipt and send an introductory email
  • Update your Agent Dashboard
  • Introduce yourself to the Loan Officer

Stay in Close Communication

  • Provide updates to your Realty Coordinator through your Agent Dashboard
  • Your Agent Dashboard will include all of your active clients and outstanding required paperwork


  • Prior to making an offer, contact the Loan Officer to discuss:
    • VA property requirement concerns
    • VA loan closing timeframes
    • Client requested seller paid closing costs
  • Immediately update your Loan Officer and the Agent Dashboard once an offer has been accepted


  • Notify the Realty Coordinator upon closing via your Agent Dashboard
  • Send the referral check within 5-7 business days after closing to Realty Search Solutions Network
  • Provide a copy of the Closing Disclosure for all closed transactions

All Agent Expectations

For more details on what is expected from Veterans United Realty agents, download the complete list of Agent Expectations.

Download Expectations (PDF)